Studio Rental ( at The Health Collective)

Styled space: $75 per hour with 2 hr minimum booking or $400 for 6 hr.

Unstyled space: $50 per hour with 2 hour minimum booking or $275 for 6 hr.

Styling Setup (on Location)

$550 for 6 hour setup and tear down. This includes stock items that are already in stock / in your stock. Up to the individual to source out location.


Photography Studio Styling

$700 for 3 month studio setup. This includes sourcing items for clients specific needs, design of the space, setup and tear down ( 3 months later)

$2000 for one year worth of studio set ups. A new one every 3 months. (A total of 4 per year)

Design and E-Design Services

These prices depend on what the client is looking for.This starts with a questionnaire so I can get a better idea. You can fill that out here.