Monday Must Haves - 5 Annoying Things That Are Totally First World Problems

In an effort to get my creative juices flowing during this never ending winter, I'm going to just do posts about stuff. So here's 5 things I dislike greatly, but are also totally a first world problem. If you don't like it...




1) When you are combing your wet hair, and you think you got all the knots out and then suddenly you find one and you basically rip out an entire chunk of your hair and you begin to question life. 

2) Wet cuffs on pants. ESPECIALLY back in the day when lulu flared yoga pants were the thing. Ugh. The feeling, the squish. So awful. *brb going to therapy about this still...*




4) Allergy season when eyes run constantly for no reason. Seriously. Y U GOTTA RUN EYE? 

5) When no one tells you when you have stuff in your teeth. That's just the rules of feminism. 


I hope you enjoyed this random pile of stuff we greatly dislike. What we don't dislike is YOU! We love you! 

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March No Spender Bender - Week 1 Update

What up y'all? 

I've gone one full week without going super crazy with my spending. I'm actually super proud of myself. I am. I haven't gone to starbucks, ordered skip the dishes, or just buying stuff because I can.


1) no starbucks. Seriously. This is a big deal for me.

2) made supper at home even though I wanted to order in. 

3) Didn't go shopping because I need to escape my child when my husband is home.


1) we did order pizza after a particularly stressful afternoon and my desire to cook was negative 103208

2) my husband bought me lulu lemon pants. (he says this doesn't really count since he put them on his credit card, but I'm still writing it here)

3) So other than the pizza order in, there was a few other food indiscretions (sorry nutritionist...). There was a candy situation at Ikea, as well as meatballs. And one night where I went out with a pal and had a $6 glass of wine (including tip). 

So far so good. I'm trying to not go on amazon all the time, but I do from time to time to add things to the cart for when the month is over. If i'm still looking for them in a month, then I'll consider getting them. For now, I have to reflect on my habits. But I'm liking it!

It's a challenge to really be mindful with your spending. I challenge you to try it too!

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