Monday Must Knows - Kelly from Fiddle Leaf Photography

It's Monday! After Daylight Savings, which truly feels like the Monday to end all Mondays. Y U GOTTA BE LIKE THAT MONDAY?

Anyways, today we are talking to Kelly from Fiddle Leaf Photography. I first met Kelly when she hosted a breastfeeding photo shoot here in Sherwood Park. She's amazing and has such an eye for photography. 

I personally love watching behind the scenes stuff. I love this pic!

I personally love watching behind the scenes stuff. I love this pic!


Here's the answers to our ridiculous questions!



1) Personal Record of days of dry shampoo?

So the beauty of curls is that it hides A LOT (except for maybe the grey hairs that are coming in straight!). I have never used dry shampoo and have gone at least a week without shampooing. 


2) Personal Record of shows watched in one sitting? (how many hours? What show?)  

Well, if we go back to the days BEFORE children this is probably 5ish hours. The shows I can remember going through the fastest are Sex In the City and Six Feet Under. Now I rarely go more than 2 hours at a time or I’ll be guaranteed to fall asleep. 


3) Longest time between grocery trips? (for home, not business!)

A week probably? I feel like I’m constantly at the store picking up something. I tend to do Costco once a week, but they never have everything I need. 


4) Favourite story your spouse/partner tells about you at parties?

I honestly can’t think of one. A) we hardly party! B)My husband always ends up talking about his work and not about weird things I do. haha.


5) What food do you effing hate? Like if someone fed it to you, you would spit it out on your kid? (obviously we are joking, please do not spit on your children.)

Green peppers! Followed closely by stewed tomatoes. 


Kelly is offering a short session of her beautiful EMERGE short sessions May 12th. I've linked the info here. These are so beautiful and so not your typical 'boudoir style' sessions. They make me so happy since they truly celebrate the beauty and strength of all women. Book in guys! 

Thanks for being awesome Kelly!

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Family Day and Delicious Gluten Free Pancakes

I wanted to share with y'all that we actually spent Family Day weekend as a Family doing whatever! It was fabulous. We hung out, watched movies, hung out with our neighbours, ate pancakes, and went in the hot tub. Seriously guys. Perfect. Weekend.

Speaking of Pancakes, I have a new old favourite recipe for pancakes. We recently started cutting out as much gluten and dairy from our diet. There was no way that the girls would ever give up pancakes though!  I got the original recipe from Jamie Oliver's first cookbook. My pal Bronwen introduced me to it and I never looked back. Check out the original here. 

I changed a couple things to get it nice and fluffy while not using white flour or milk. I substituted the white flour for gluten free Cloud Nine flour (from Costco) and I do 6 egg whites to 3 egg yolks. I also double the amount of milk with almond milk. I know that seems weird. I still separate the 3 eggs but then I add additional egg whites from a carton and whip. Because the flour seems to end up making everything really thick, I found additional whites and almond milk are so helpful. They get extra fluffy and it helps them stay fluffy once they are folded into the batter and hit the pan. Super easy and SOO GOOD!


We also had another instalment into the project I am doing over on my photography Instagram. @lindsaymillsphotography It is a project called 52 portraits of me. It's where I take a photo every weekend for a year. I have to be in it. It's always self portraits and it gives me a chance to get creative in how I tell my story. The family day ones crack me up. It summed up the weekend in a couple frames. Ruby with never ending energy, Lila missing and passed out cold at 5PM and Penny the cat too lazy to even budge off the bed when Ruby started bouncing. hahah!


So there you have it. A little family chill update. Short and sweet.