Monday Must Knows - Kari Skelton

I've been a bad bad bad blogger. I'm honestly shocked my sister hasn't fired me yet. (Thanks Lindz!) 

I'm not sure what you want me to write about. This winter that never ended really took a toll on me. I'm so glad the warm weather is upon us. But to be honest, I have a hard time generating content when I feel like everything has already been done before. I don't want to rip people off. Especially when most of my day is spent just cleaning, playing ponies, and wiping tiny butts. So until I get my rump in gear, here's the gorgeous Kari Skelton telling us about herself! Thanks Kari!


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Hi, I'm Kari! I'm a mom to Wyatt who is 2.5 years old and to our dog Moses who is almost six. I'm in love with a guy named Ryan (my husband). I'm a blogger at and I'm also a personal shopper and stylist. I worked in radio and television for 13 years before going on maternity leave. I had always wanted to start my own blog to share ideas on style, parenting, and adventure. So, when we decided I was going to stay home and raise the babies, it seemed like a perfect time to start my business! I love to have fresh flowers in our home all the time and I eat cake at least once a week. 



1) Personal Record of days of dry shampoo? Seven. Dry shampoo and hats are some of your best friends when you're a new mom. 

2) Personal Record of shows watched in one sitting? (how many hours? What show?) Suits a few years ago. 10 episodes in a row. When I was a kid I watched Teen Witch 25 times in one year and when I was in my early 20's I used to leave parties early to go to Blockbuster and rent Sex and the City. I watched the whole series in two weeks (I can't believe I'm admitting this.) *editors note: OWN THIS SHIT GIRL I AM WITH YOU*

3) Longest time between grocery trips? (for home, not business!) I go to the grocery store all the time. I'm one of the weird ones who enjoys grocery shopping. 

4) Favourite story your spouse/partner tells about you at parties? The moment we met in a media scrum (we both used to be news reporters). We were interviewing the Minister of Municipal Affairs (at the time). He describes what I was wearing and then we bicker about who owned the scrum and asked the best questions. *editors note: WHO WON?!*

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.20.31 AM.png

5) What food do you effing hate? Like if someone fed it to you, you would spit it out on your kid? (obviously we are joking, please do not spit on your children.) Raisins. I think it's the only thing I don't like to eat. Used to eat them all the time when I was young but now I can't stand them. 


Thank you so much Kari! You're a gem!

Until next time...

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March No Spender Bender - Week 1 Update

What up y'all? 

I've gone one full week without going super crazy with my spending. I'm actually super proud of myself. I am. I haven't gone to starbucks, ordered skip the dishes, or just buying stuff because I can.


1) no starbucks. Seriously. This is a big deal for me.

2) made supper at home even though I wanted to order in. 

3) Didn't go shopping because I need to escape my child when my husband is home.


1) we did order pizza after a particularly stressful afternoon and my desire to cook was negative 103208

2) my husband bought me lulu lemon pants. (he says this doesn't really count since he put them on his credit card, but I'm still writing it here)

3) So other than the pizza order in, there was a few other food indiscretions (sorry nutritionist...). There was a candy situation at Ikea, as well as meatballs. And one night where I went out with a pal and had a $6 glass of wine (including tip). 

So far so good. I'm trying to not go on amazon all the time, but I do from time to time to add things to the cart for when the month is over. If i'm still looking for them in a month, then I'll consider getting them. For now, I have to reflect on my habits. But I'm liking it!

It's a challenge to really be mindful with your spending. I challenge you to try it too!

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