Monday Must Haves - January Faves


How's everyone feeling post Super Bowl calorie splurge fest? (if that's a thing you do)...

It's the beginning of February which means, theres only about a million more days of winter here in Edmonton...or so it feels like it. I can't wait until it's officially birkenstock season again. Get outta here snow!

Anyways, lets have a quick chat about what totally rocked my boat and my sisters boat in January.

Sell Off Vacations

I am having some serious vacation FOMO these days. I tell you that all this snow and cold ass weather that comes every year here doesn't change my desire to get outta town. If you can leave in like 24 hours, is the best. Hellooooo Cuba. (if someone wants to send me somewhere that would be cool.)

Davines Creme

Along with this cold weather comes dry itchy skin. I blogged a few months back about this creme and I tell ya, it is the best. It smells so good. It's in a giant tub and its so moisturizing. Watch out for a give-away!

Amazon Prime TV

Going back to my everlasting love of Amazon Prime, we finally got Amazon Prime TV in Canada, while it isn't as great as it is in the States, (but neither is Netflix really.) it does have 30 Rock and finally got Parks and Recreation! I am 2 seasons deep on a show I've already watched it about 3 times through. I love this show. It makes me laugh! You need to be a prime member by for $79 a year, its totally worth it. They also have a music streaming app, but it isn't as good as apple music or spotify, if you're in a tight music spot, check them out. 

Oatmeal baths (dry skin AF)

I get the driest of itchiest skin. I love colloidal oatmeal mix from Aveeno. It soothes my itches and makes me skin super soft! Soak in that for 30 mins and feel a little bit of relief.

The Bachelor

Ok, so what. Yeah. We watch The Bachelor here. It started honestly a few seasons ago but now the husband and I are basically obsessed. I always look forward to Monday nights with my can of wine yelling at the TV and basically making fun of this seasons Bachelor. WHAT IS UP WITH HIS FACE?! 

arie bachelor

Anyways, that's all for us today! See ya next week!

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The newest gang member...I Mean, my sister works over here now!

Happy May Long weekend Canadian Friends!

I would like to tell you a little story. It all started when my sister said she didn't know what to be when she grew up. She said she knew she wanted to work with kids or do some type of work related to kids.( PS this was last month.) I asked if maybe she would like to join The Ruby Thursday Collective and at first she declined. I was bummed because I wanted to yell "WHY NOT?!"  But I totally understood that it wasn't her jam. I never wanted to pressure her. Then a few weeks later, it came up again except this time, she had a totally different attitude towards it (she must have slept on it) and she decided to Join the team!

Bailey runs all the office shit. The stuff that I don't really love and the stuff that she thoroughly enjoys. (Like get the giggles about her laminating machine enjoys). Or she uses sticky tabs to outline when I should sign paperwork and loves it. Office supplies and organization are her love languages. It's hilarious! but also extremely handy. She has some great ideas as we both are raising some "crazy lady" toddlers. You are going to see a lot more of her around these parts. Including blogging. She has a way of being hilarious and telling it like it is. She has some great posts in the near future and it would be great if you could give us some feedback!

Here's some random facts about my sister (as written by Bailey):

1) I wear socks to bed year round. I legit cannot sleep without socks on.

2) I hate brushing my hair. Hence the bowl cut I rocked until I was probably 15. 

3) My sister is seriously my best friend. Even that one time she slapped me in the face or kicked me in the shin, or that time she left me alone on the sidewalk...seriously though, she's my best friend.

4) I should not be allowed to enter Michaels, Staples, the T & T Supermarket, or the Italian Centre without adult supervision. (Or Amazon Prime-ing) 

5) I have a major crush on Chris Evans (Captain America). 

Here we are recreating a favourite photo from our past! hahahaha!


-L & B