Monday Must Haves - RAAS WEM

Hey y'all! If you haven't heard the latest buzz around yeg, it's the newest space in West Edmonton Mall, RAAS.

Retail as a service, or RAAS, as the cool kids call it, is the concept of a 'micro-mall'. It offers smaller retailers, or businesses the opportunity to make the leap into a larger space like West Edmonton Mall, without having the long term lease, or the prices of running an actual store front in the mall. 

I love this idea, it's a great way to get a bunch of creative people in one space, and it's a one stop shop for 'local' shopping. 

Last week, Lindsay and I hit their big opening party to enjoy some hangs, and some chats, and some delicious coconut shrimp. I'm going to round up some of my favourite triangles, rectangles, and cubes for you below!


Saraswati is canadian designed, crystal, and sacred geometry jewellery. I am kind of a hippie when it comes to sacred designs and crystals, so I was immediately drawn to their beautiful items. Their price point is super duper reasonable, which makes me want to stack on even more rings and beautiful necklaces. 

necklace himmeli saraswati.jpg
lotus ring saraswati.jpg

Ono Poke co.

The other thing I was drawn to was food. I love poke bowls. So good! I saw that ono poke had a space as RAAS in one of the instagram stories. I am always looking for healthier food options at West Edmonton Mall, so I'm glad I can swing into RAAS and grab a quick seafood bite. 

poke 2.jpg

My Daughter Fragrances

I haven't smelled something so delicious in a long long time. These ladies, who's perfumes were born in Alberta, just make me so happy. They don't do anything they aren't supposed to. I could have stood there and smelled some delicious fragrances the whole time. I for sure will be adding some of these to my Christmas list. My personal favourite was always loved, rose and chocolate are an amazing combo which is sexy and so so delicious. 


So Pretty Cara Cotter

What kind of person would I be if I didn't talk about Cara Cotter. If you aren't familiar with her work, I suggest you follow her on instagram for not only beautiful jewels, but a seriously beautiful studio as well. I may have wet my whistle a little bit at her square, and I'm glad I did. I can't wait to get my new piece 


The Makers Keep

So I saved the best for last. The Makers Keep. We have been involved with Katrina and Makers for some time now. We've been a part of their Kingsway pop up shop over the summer, and now...

*pause for dramatic effect*

We will have select items at their RAAS store front in West Edmonton Mall! We are so friggin excited, and blessed, and nervous, and excited, and basically all kinds of emotions. We can't wait! If you haven't checked out The Makers Keep at any one of their now THREE locations, I suggest you do it! It's an amazing place, full of amazing stuff. I have my eyes on a couple of things that's for sure! 


I for sure can't wait to check out RAAS when it isn't so full! I had a hard time navigating my way through the crowd to check everything out. 

Until next time folks!

xoxo Gossip Girl...

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