NEW PRODUCT- The Accessory

I am so excited to finally launch the accessory. This idea was in my mind for a year prior to chatting with my pal Amanda of Engravables Design. Then it took another year and a half to bring it to you all. Things were put on the back burner and other products came first, but we finally did it!

When I had the idea for the accessory, I realized that almost all of my friends had a IKEA Ribba shelf in their child/babies rooms. They held an assortment of things on them. Not that they weren't already great in their minimal style, I thought they would be SO much cuter with a backer on it. City scape was the first that came to mind, then following was the mountain and the watermelon slice. Like any Ruby Thursday Idea, I like a multi purpose product. There is the option to buy additional wall hooks so the your RTC wall hooks have a backer that is so awesome!

Lastly. I really wanted the option to paint them. It gives the option to customize and I love that. Everyone has that idea of the perfect shade and now they can achieve it on their own!

Check it out!

Click here to purchase your accessory !


Monday Must Haves - 5 Places Where You Shop The Ruby Thursday Collective

Hey everyone! Welcome back! It's been radio silence around here lately due to sickness and some big Ikea installs. But we're here, trucking on through! 

Today we are going to be talking about 5 places where you can get our stuffs! 

The Makers Keep (Kingsway Mall)

We love the ladies over at Makers Keep. They are awesome and it's so nice to be in a shop where you can shop local people without having to wait for pop ups, markets, or even needing to shop online! It's so great! Check them out for not only our stuff, but so many other amazing local (and some long distance!) makers!

The Skinny

Erinn and her amazing team over at The Skinny in Southgate Mall have been supporting us since basically day one! Erinn carries our very cool YEG Terrariums, so I suggest if you want one of those you head over to Southgate Mall and check them out! 

Red Ribbon Gifts

I've been shopping on and off at Red Ribbon for what feels like forever. I love them. Rychelle has a great team, great product, and a great location (below a starbucks, what else could I need?) Rychelle has been carrying our adult wall hooks since the summer! Check out Red Ribbon, and while you're at it, grab me a coffee!

As for those out-of-towners....

Olive and Birch (Lloydminster)

Now, my dad always used to refer to Lloydminster as the 'armpit of Alberta', but that isn't true! Since the days we lived there (like 30 years ago...) Lloydminster has gotten a lot cooler! Olive and Birch are a one stop home decor/custom blind/wedding registry shop. Can they add even more? They must be some busy ladies as they were just awarded the 2017 Lloydminster Downtown Business of the Year! Congratulations ladies!

Anex Interiors (Regina)

We moved to Edmonton from Regina many many MANY years ago. It's so great to see some of our items in our old home town! They do home decorating but also carry a range of gift items as well. They also carry our adult wall hooks. 

And don't forget...

US! You can shop all of our items in the above stores, or directly from our online shop! Make sure you use the discount code for free local pick up!

Thats all for today. We set some lofty goals for 2018 at our 'Taco Bout It' meeting so keep an eye out y'all!


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