Monday Must Knows With Braede from LOVEPIZZA

Hey y'all! Who hasn't been to LOVEPIZZA? You? If you haven't go immediately. I admittedly have only been one time, but I managed to destroy an entire pizza and not even feel bad about it. It's so good. We sent our Monday Must Knows to Braede (who possibly has the coolest spelling of a name ever).


*Where did the idea of lovepizza start from?*

LOVEPIZZA is our family business that we started about 2 years ago. We love pizza and had always talked about opening our own spot. We wanted to build a pizza restaurant (or two or three) that served amazing pizza, quickly with great service and a brand that really got involved in our community. Pizza is a fun, social food. It’s something that people get excited about which is pretty special.

Photo Credit -  Teresa Bolinski

Photo Credit - Teresa Bolinski

1. Personal Record of days of dry shampoo?

Hmmmm…. A couple… a few…. I wear my hair in a bun most of the time, so that’s a pretty good hint.

2. Personal Record of shows watched in one sitting? (how many hours? What show?)

That’s a tough one… we don’t watch much tv honestly. But we hit Madmen pretty hard for a while a few years back. I could also watch a lot of hours of Harvey Spector walking across the screen on Suits.

3. Longest time between grocery trips? (for home, not business!)

Probably a week, but I for sure brought pizza home a few times during said week. Sooo….. this is a difficult question.

4. Favourite story your spouse/partner tells about you at parties?

For a while Gavin had a photo of me on his phone after one of my best friends weddings (I was a bridesmaid). I had just taken out about 40 bobby pins and combed out a heavily hair sprayed head of hair (from an updo). There were some fake eyelashes in there somewhere too… for whatever reason that was always a hit in his eyes. I looked like a lion. A very tired lion (but less majestic). I guess that isn’t really a story, but the visual makes up for it.

5. What food do you effing hate? Like if someone fed it to you, you would spit it out on your kid? (obviously we are joking, please do not spit on your children.)

I really hate mustard. And dill pickle chips. I love dill pickle and I LOVE chips… but that combo is just terrible. And also pudding. That might be the worst.


Well that's all for now. Tune in next month for our Next Monday must knows! 


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