A Sweet Collaboration With Amanda from More Life

Ok, so some of you know that I've been working with a nutritionist for over a year, but I'll be the first to admit that my kid survives on a solid diet of goldfish crackers and kraft dinner. (is it neon orange? Then it's Clara approved.)

The amazing, and adorable Amanda Cook of @moreholisticlife on instagram lives the way I strive to. She is a beautiful soul inside and out. Her kids are adorable, and don't turn up their noses at goji berries and quinoa. Want to know more and maybe even learn how to infuse a little more health into your diet and your kids diet? Check out Amanda's website an sign up for one of her cooking classes. Ain't no time like the present to get started on those resolutions!

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Amanda and us over here at The Ruby Thursday Collective had a little mini meet up with another pal to try to show our kids, not all healthy food needs to be boring. Nourshing our bodies with healthy food can be fun! Admittedly, even I struggle with this, there are only so many ways to make raw fruits and veggies fun. 

Them's some cute kids.

Them's some cute kids.

Amanda cooked up a no-cook Christmas treat for us! These adorable apple Christmas trees! Clara and I barely got the tree together before it was devoured by my child. The tree is made with green apple slices, coconut 'snow', a date 'stump', a banana 'star', and the most delicious whipped coconut 'garland'. Along with coconut snow, we used pomegranate and goji berries for 'decorations'. 

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At the end of the day, Clara ate a ton of healthy super foods, and I was hit with the urge to make my kids food, (and maybe mine) a little more fun! 

Case in point: Clara devouring her tree.

Case in point: Clara devouring her tree.

Here's the delicious recipe for the whipped coconut 'garland' (can also be used as a vegan replacement for Whipped cream!)

1 can full-fat coconut milk, Thai Kitchen works great, refrigerated overnight

1 tablespoon pure maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1    Carefully open the can of refrigerated coconut milk and scoop out the top firm, waxy, thick white layer of coconut cream and place it in a large bowl. Reserve the water at the bottom on the can for smoothies or to drink as is, but don’t add this to the coconut cream. 

2    Using a hand mixer on high speed - whip the coconut cream for 3 to 5 minutes until it becomes fluffy and light, with soft peaks. Mix in your sweetener and vanilla.

3    Scoop your coconut whipped cream into a small Ziploc bag and close it. Cut one of the corners off at the bottom of the bag, making a very small hole. Use this to push the whipped cream through to decorate your tree. 

4    Whipped coconut cream is best served immediately, but can be stored in an air tight container for up to a week. It will harden in the fridge, the longer it stays chilled, simply mix until creamy again, when ready to serve.

*insert Devo's Whip It here*

*insert Devo's Whip It here*

Christmas trees:

Green apples, cut into half moons, for the shape of the tree

Dates, pitted and cut in half, for the tree stump

Goji berries, for decorations

Pomegranate seeds, for decoration

Shredded coconut, for decoration

Hemp hearts, for decoration


These treats are delicious and oh so fun to make! Head over to Amanda's blog to check out what else we made! I'll give you a hint...it's chocolate and actually full of super foods!

Until next time...

xoxo...Gossip Girl...

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Both of us!