FREE PRINTABLE- Scandi Inspired Christmas Tags

Hey hey! It's been awhile since I have hopped on this blog solo but since I am the one who designed these Christmas tags, I figured I'd give Bailey the night off.

Today I am talking about our scandinavian inspired Christmas tags. I absolutely fell in love with this awesome free printable I found on Pinterest and just had to try and create my own version. I had a few sets of four made out of wood and they are on sale at The Makers Keep in Kingsway Mall here in Edmonton. They are the perfect accent for a Christmas Tree. But their intention was for a Christmas gift tag. Below is a little visual for you on the tree and the gifts. They are available in large and small sizes.

So I thought maybe you were like me and you haven't finished wrapping yet. No? just me? oh ....k... So anyways, I made this file available for you to download so all y'all can make your gifts look as cool as mine. Ha!  Go to the end of this post and it will be there!

I printed this on a thick card stock so it held up with the string tied tight. I hope you enjoy this download! Have a great holiday season everyone! 




FREE Printable- Pearl the Mermaid!

I am so excited to share with you last "minuters" ( including myself ahem.) the printable I created for my girls for Valentine's Day at school! Since I am so over candy, this glow bracelet fit the bill nicely! Miss Pearl the mermaid is from my bag tag collection so she just had to pop in and say hi on something else!

Ruby Thursday Collective Valentine Printable

Simply print out the document, cut the images out, tape on a glow stick bracelet and done! I had mine printed at my local Staples on more of a card stock paper. IF I had some at home I might have just done it myself. ( But lets get real. I am a busy mom. I had to work smarter not harder here).  It's so cute! the only downside is that the glow bracelet cannot be rolled into a bracelet shape or it turns the glow on immediately and we all know that that is a good time ;)  I wrote my girl's names on the back. Ruby did quite a few on her own and I helped Lila. Please enjoy and follow me on instagram and tag your print out #rubythursdayvalentine

Download your free printable here.  HAVE FUN! ( we all know that I'm kidding. If you are anything like me with 2 kids in school, Valentines is a ridiculous time of year)

Happy Valentines Day Y'all!

XXooXOXoxoxoXO ( Nacho Libre reference)