Thursday Thoughts- My Favourite Autobiographies- Female Comedy Edition

Hey guys! It's Lindsay again. I'm back to tel you about my current favourite autobiographies. I have never been a bug reader but as of late< I have really loved reading about comedians. Specifically female comedians. In no particular order,

Bossy Pants

By Tina Fey

For me, being a female comedian is one of the most courageous career choices. To put yourself out there as a comedian in a primarily male dominated industry, and successful is SO inspiring. I mean, I wish I was as funny as the women in this post. Tina Fey is hilarious and SO effing talented. Her way with words both on and off screen is amazing. I know this is an oldie book but its a goodie.

The girl with the lower back tattoo.


By Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is extremely hard working, so well spoken, hilarious, talented and beautiful. I loved reading about how damn hard she works, her research behind her hustle and how private she is. One of the things I loved the most about her is that she is extremely involved with anti-gun violence. She is such an advocate for gun safety and I love that about her. 

Yes Please.

By Amy Pohler

When I read this book I felt like I could hear her voice in my head. I loved her vibe during this read. She is just an amazing human, I love her parenting style and her hard working demeanour.

Is everyone Hanging out without me?

By Mindy Kaling

Well if you love The Office as much as I do, you will find that Mindy actually wrote quite a bit of this show. Her writing style is amazing. She is so so SMART. I loved her book beyond measure. I cant wait to read her next one Called "Why not me?" 

Not that kind of girl.

By Lena Dunham

If you love the show "Girls" then you will love Lena. She writes, produces, and stars in this show. Her book is a great indication of her work ethic. She is whitty and talented. Her tragic yet funny approach to her life was refreshing. 

So there you have it. My current fave comedian women and their books. I have also read 4 of Chelsea Handler's books, and one of Ellen Degeneres' books. Next on my list is Mindy Kahling, Rachel Dratch, and Joan Rivers.

Stay Tuned....