NEW PRODUCT- The Accessory

I am so excited to finally launch the accessory. This idea was in my mind for a year prior to chatting with my pal Amanda of Engravables Design. Then it took another year and a half to bring it to you all. Things were put on the back burner and other products came first, but we finally did it!

When I had the idea for the accessory, I realized that almost all of my friends had a IKEA Ribba shelf in their child/babies rooms. They held an assortment of things on them. Not that they weren't already great in their minimal style, I thought they would be SO much cuter with a backer on it. City scape was the first that came to mind, then following was the mountain and the watermelon slice. Like any Ruby Thursday Idea, I like a multi purpose product. There is the option to buy additional wall hooks so the your RTC wall hooks have a backer that is so awesome!

Lastly. I really wanted the option to paint them. It gives the option to customize and I love that. Everyone has that idea of the perfect shade and now they can achieve it on their own!

Check it out!

Click here to purchase your accessory !


March No Spender Bender - Week 1 Update

What up y'all? 

I've gone one full week without going super crazy with my spending. I'm actually super proud of myself. I am. I haven't gone to starbucks, ordered skip the dishes, or just buying stuff because I can.


1) no starbucks. Seriously. This is a big deal for me.

2) made supper at home even though I wanted to order in. 

3) Didn't go shopping because I need to escape my child when my husband is home.


1) we did order pizza after a particularly stressful afternoon and my desire to cook was negative 103208

2) my husband bought me lulu lemon pants. (he says this doesn't really count since he put them on his credit card, but I'm still writing it here)

3) So other than the pizza order in, there was a few other food indiscretions (sorry nutritionist...). There was a candy situation at Ikea, as well as meatballs. And one night where I went out with a pal and had a $6 glass of wine (including tip). 

So far so good. I'm trying to not go on amazon all the time, but I do from time to time to add things to the cart for when the month is over. If i'm still looking for them in a month, then I'll consider getting them. For now, I have to reflect on my habits. But I'm liking it!

It's a challenge to really be mindful with your spending. I challenge you to try it too!

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