Another Personal Project- In Motion

About 2 years ago, I started making stop-frame movies of our family holidays or special instances in our lives. I am loving the result because I am able to put moments in time that I froze, back into motion.  These are great memories for the whole family.  load them on our Itunes and we can watch them any time on our tv.  The first one I did was pretty rough but it wasn't about perfect it was about family and memories.  

I'm sure if you follow me and my IG feeds, that I am quite the fan of video and music. I have several smaller ones on my IG account.  My most recent favourite is the girls playing piano on their Great Grandpa's piano. One day we are bringing that special piece in our family to our house. But in the meantime, my girls go to Grandma's. My mom, my sister and myself all learned to play on I and it's the world to me that the tradition will continue.  And maybe just maybe, they won't quit as a rebellious act at the age 0f 14. (who would do that?!?)