Favourite Kids Decor- Fruity mood board

Seeing as summer cannot come soon enough over here in Edmonton, (Or at least that's how I feel.) I am here to share my mood board for the fruity fresh bedroom and let me tell you, I wanted to go make a fruit salad as I created this post!

Here are my favourite little accessories ai found for a fruity room. First of all at the top. We have the watermelon pillow from Land of Nod. Seriously, that company cannot do wrong! And beside are two from an online shop I just discovered out of Australia called Adairs. They really do share my love of fruit decor with this strawberry and watermelon pillow!

Next is another fantastic find from Adairs. The pineapple light! SO freaking cute.  

After that is the lemon stuffy from Simons MAISON collection. We are so lucky that we have a Simons in Edmonton. I have purchased several things from their maison section and this lemon stuffy totally did it for me!

Below is the pineapple light is the watermelon stool and shelf from Timba trend. I have been following them for quite some time now and they never cease to amaze me. Their simple they striking designs for kids decor are my fave and another gem out of Australia. Did you know that the Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar are quite close? it's actually better to order from there and ship than ordering form the US right now. Poor Canadian Dollar. 

And Last is the pear love. the Grey knit Pear stuffy is from Taccity goods and I found the Pear print on Etsy.

Here's a cute little printable DIY fruit garland you can create for your wall too!

One of the cutest fruit toys that I love is the Melissa and Doug Cutting Fruit Set that you can cut up! its so cool because you can shop through the Velcro. We have this toy and it is Lila's favourite!


Here is some bedroom inspiration  from Adairs.


I Just love the pastels, soft greys and pops of bright teals! I hope you all enjoyed seeing this as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Stay tuned for a fruit addition to the shop coming this summer!


Hope your day is yummy and fresh like this post!





Family Day and Delicious Gluten Free Pancakes

I wanted to share with y'all that we actually spent Family Day weekend as a Family doing whatever! It was fabulous. We hung out, watched movies, hung out with our neighbours, ate pancakes, and went in the hot tub. Seriously guys. Perfect. Weekend.

Speaking of Pancakes, I have a new old favourite recipe for pancakes. We recently started cutting out as much gluten and dairy from our diet. There was no way that the girls would ever give up pancakes though!  I got the original recipe from Jamie Oliver's first cookbook. My pal Bronwen introduced me to it and I never looked back. Check out the original here. 

I changed a couple things to get it nice and fluffy while not using white flour or milk. I substituted the white flour for gluten free Cloud Nine flour (from Costco) and I do 6 egg whites to 3 egg yolks. I also double the amount of milk with almond milk. I know that seems weird. I still separate the 3 eggs but then I add additional egg whites from a carton and whip. Because the flour seems to end up making everything really thick, I found additional whites and almond milk are so helpful. They get extra fluffy and it helps them stay fluffy once they are folded into the batter and hit the pan. Super easy and SOO GOOD!


We also had another instalment into the project I am doing over on my photography Instagram. @lindsaymillsphotography It is a project called 52 portraits of me. It's where I take a photo every weekend for a year. I have to be in it. It's always self portraits and it gives me a chance to get creative in how I tell my story. The family day ones crack me up. It summed up the weekend in a couple frames. Ruby with never ending energy, Lila missing and passed out cold at 5PM and Penny the cat too lazy to even budge off the bed when Ruby started bouncing. hahah!


So there you have it. A little family chill update. Short and sweet.