Kitchen update 2.0 | Edmonton

white and green kitchen repaint | DIY | Interior design| Canada

Well Yay for us! The first official post of our Ruby Thursday Home is live! If you follow along on our instagram account, you can pop in and look at the highlights at the top of our feed and see the progress of how the kitchen update went down.

Back at the beginning of this blog about 6/7 years ago, I did my first round of kitchen updating when I was 6 weeks pregnant with Ruby and I knew the I wouldn't get another chance for awhile. Well I was right because she just turned 7! If you would like to look at my old photos and blogging attempts you can check that out HERE.

First time update 8 years ago! (espresso)

First time update 8 years ago! (espresso)


Now that you got to see the past, here is a little bit about the current situation. I used white paint from Benjamin Moore Advanced the bottom cupboards. I used a green paint called Tarry town green also Benjamin Moore Advanced. Both are in eggshell finish. I have used this paint many times throughout my house on various furniture pieces. It is an oil based product with soap and water cleanup. It goes on so nicely. I have since used it on a closet door and handrail. That's for another post though! I also used Rustoleum antique gold and spray painted all of my hardware.

 open shelving without having to actually removes the cabinets. We would have had to redo the tile and my husband wasn't into that! hahah

If I didn't already tell you, I am extremely happy about how this turned out. Since these photos I have added a rug runner and new lights but that's for another post too!

White paint $25

Green Paint $25

Antique gold spray paint $14

Plus tax my Kitchen update cost $67.20 CAD

For under $70 CAD and some hard work, you can have the same idea in your home!

Nay questions on the process? shoot me a message and lets chat!