How to Plant a Terrarium.

For all that know me, I love a good terrarium. I think they are fabulous. I love their texture, how easy they are to plant, and how easy they are to care for. My hubby and I have been planting our own little versions for quite awhile but they are now gaining popularity in the interior design world. I have now seen them at Costco and even Save on Foods Grocery store.

Here's how to plant something like this.

You need to have cactus soil and sand. Any sand will do. We use play sand from Home Depot.

Mix the two together. About 80% soil to 20% sand.

Mix it up.

Take apart your succulent plants of choice. I got a couple from Home Depot and I split up an existing one I already had. Gently separate the roots into the size of the plants you want.

 Plant them! They don't need to be planted too deep as succulents don't need a lot of soil to establish themselves in there:)  Here are a few of the ones I have planted throughout the house!

Awesome right? I love how easy they are to care for. Just wet the soil well but have no standing water in the container. Drain it out if there is any sitting there. About 3- 4 weeks water again! That's it!