Wooden Crate Toy Box

I thought I'd keep on repurposing things I had ended up with over the years and now I had to find something to do with this crate my mom found for me! Here is the easiest little toy box project.

So because the girls are going to be using it for toys, I sanded all the edges with some sandpaper before I put it together. It freaks me out to think that they could get a random sliver.  It had wood slats on the bottom of it so I got the husband to cut me a piece of plywood to fit in the bottom of the crate like this.

Next I put on the casters I picked up at Home Depot. I chose ones with locks for the wheels.

I used my favourite drill and drilled these to the bottom through the slats and the plywood so it was good and secure and it looked like this.

And that's it! The perfect little toy box or blanket storage.  I also thought I may use it for a photo prop too:)

I LOVE to repurpose old items. What are some of your faves?