Ruby's 3rd Birthday CAMPOUT.


I thought I would post  about a themed party since I haven't in almost a year. I have done several over the year but nothing I deemed worthy of blogging about. 

Our crazy three year old has a bit of a rough and tubule personality so we thought a camping themed birthday would be best suited for her. Here are some of the highlights from that day. Enjoy!

The Food tags were a fun hit because I had use my brain to think of cool names. Haha. It was kind of a stretch on some of them. Deer Droppings and fish bait were fun as was vegetation and lake water. It was a great little spread but I must talk about the two little stations we had!  There was a trail mix bar as well as a S'mores station! Needless to say those were a hit.

Well Nothing says camping like some hats and canteens!

The party favours were my absolute favourite and Ruby plays with hers every day. I saw it on Pinterest (of course). They are called STORY ROCKS. I altered my design bit because of time restrictions but I think they turned out great! Each child went home with their own story rock bag of 7. The pictures varied but everyone got 1 bird, 2 bees and 3 lady bugs. Ruby loves to tell stories so this was right up her alley. 

There you have it! It was a chilly but fun day. Happy Birthday my sweet baby.

A big Thanks to the Semeniuks for lending us the S'mores station and to Erin of Project Life Photography for snapping some pics of that day:)


Happy Trails!