Working With Stencils.

Hey Y'all!

I'm back today to talk more about Lila's nursery. Specifically her chevron stencilled wall. I had had this vision since before she was in my belly and I am so happy it turned out the way I wanted it to. Here it is.

I ordered the large chevron print from Royal Design Studios. They had the speediest delivery and it was a great product to work with. I highly recommend them!

Here are the ins and outs and the whoopsies along the way.

Here is the room after I painted all the walls White Down by Benjamin Moore.

We used the colour Stone Harbour by Benjamin Moore for the stencil. We started out in the top left corner and worked our way down. There are perfect guides and lines to line up your stencil perfectly every time. We used spray adhesive to help adhere the stencil and keep it steady while rolling the paint on the wall.

As you can see at the bottom it worked out great and we were able to get it to the bottom where it was a solid triangle. Keep in mind that no room is absolutely straight and perfectly measured so it isn't a perfect lineup.

I had a total pregnancy brain moment and didn't over lap the stencil and I had to repaint. This is what it looked like and this is my mom painting over it. Whoops! Thanks Mommy:)

Here it is halfway done.

As I had mentioned earlier that the room wasn't perfect, the wall didn't line up exactly but it still turned out great. Royal Design studios includes a smaller stencil for the very top so that it looks perfectly executed even though there were several mishaps along the way. I will say that it definitely gets messy and we had to wipe down the stencil a few times because it was getting kind of gooey with the paint on it. The very edges I did with painters tape and it worked out great.

Voila! It is done! It was a whole day of work by the time I had done little touch ups here and there and but it turned out great! I am really happy with it:)

There you have it! A fun stencil for a fun little girl. What are your experiences with stencils? Love 'em or hate 'em?