The Ruby Thursday Collective does Ikea hacks Part 2.

Hey Hey!

So I am now talking about how I got this Area rug. (Which I am now realizing has a wrinkle in this pic and I am irritated haha!)

I used the rug called TANUM. Which apparently no longer exists. Boo. I wanted to show you guys the pic of it individually.  As you can see in the above pic, each corner had twine tassels which I loved. So here is a lame diagram of how I laid it out and then put it together using a sewing machine.

Ya. Not my best diagram but hopefully you are picking up what I'm laying down. So I used this stitch on my sewing machine and made sure I kept the rugs side by side but not over lapping.

Yes I realize this is a rough looking diagram as well but as it was sewing along, it actually is a very good representation of how it looked as I was sewing it. Ha! It is a challenge to keep it all in line and it definitely is best to go slow. I have made about 5 area rugs out of smaller ones  throughout our house and I feel it is a great option for people to get a look for cheaper and it can also be a little more custom.  If any one was to ask what I felt was an important item in a nursery, I would say one of the top things for me was an area rug. I had two little spitting up babes and it really saved me to be able to throw it in the washing machine instead of using a steam cleaner or spot shot carpet cleaner.  I seriously recommend it. I can't tell you how many times I threw pee, puke and poop splattered rugs in the wash. Just a tip for you expecting Mommies:)

I left enough space to pull the tassels through on the ends of each rug to give it some interest. I love the little "umphf" it adds to the space.