The Ruby Thursday Collective does Ikea Hacks Part 1.

Lila's room projects continue....

 I did a couple hacks on some Ikea items. Ya I know it's not the first time it's been done. Probably the ten thousandth but I love it just the same:)

I know there is a site strictly dedicated to peoples unique ideas for changing up an Ikea item and I think it's pretty cool and worth a look. Click here for that site.

I did two projects using Ikea items. My light fixture and my area rug. To be honest, I debated even posting about these considering I didn't document the process and it was more to see if I could pull if off as opposed to actually getting it to work. I had this chandelier called the KRISTALLER. It's one of the more common light fixtures from Ikea and its cute and pretty. I had it hanging in my first salon design that I had at this house. It lasted about 2 years. Maybe I'll post that project one day. Hmmmmmm........ Anyhoo, I basically took off all of the crystals and the junction box cover and spray painted it a bright purple by Krylon called Rich Plum. I always use a spray primer first and then the coloured paint. I have been using the Krylon spray Primer but I also really enjoy Kilz.

 I took it from this.....

To This!

I love the modern touch it adds to the room full of antique, vintage and thrifted finds.

What are your thoughts?
Next up... How I made an area rug out of 6 small rag rugs from Ikea. Stay tuned......