Let me take you on a magic "Area Carpet" Ride!

( singing) You Don't    know what     you will find... Why don't you come with me little girl?      On a magic carpet ride? Dunh dunh dunh (end singing)

So due to one of my besties asking me to post how I made an area rug by hand sewing, I am back AGAIN to show you how I did that. This rug is my favourite because every colour is in it and here is how I made this rug!

I found these fabulous area rugs at Simons in the MAISON section. LOVE these colours!!

Next, I bought some hemp cord from Michaels and a needle from Fabricland. And got to sewing!



 I did a simple loop stitch and sewed them together trying not to let it bunch too much. I will say that some of my seams looked too tight and I didn't care for how "bunchy" it looked as seen in the above pic. So I pressed the seams.


 I find rag rugs to be very slippery on wood and laminate so I always put a anti-slip mat underneath. You can pick those up almost anywhere I got ours from Home Depot.

 There you have it! I took six 3'X4' rugs (give or take an inch or two) and made one 9'X8.5' area rug! Each rug was $34.99 so after tax and all It was about $220! I think that is a great bang for the buck and is a magic carpet ride indeed:) It was able to fill my dining room area with the Beautiful Table my Grandma Handed down to me. It seats up to 10 people (12 if you wanna get Squishy with it) but I couldn't find an area rug that could accommodate such a large space for under $500.  I love the texture, and colour it adds and it goes so well with my Charles Eames knock offs:)

Some day when I finish my vision for this dining room, you will see the rest:)
TATA for now and hope this helps Bre;)