And so the repurposing continues.......

Hey there!

I'm really trying to show a few more of the little side projects that I am always doing and never really showing or documenting. I don't know how long this phase will last with a lil one on the way, but I really want to try and make the effort for the time being. Roughly 5 and a half weeks...... yikes!

So I wanted to use some of the stuff that I had hoarded from past projects that I had gotten bored of and put away.  Here's what I did last week. I have been trying to find ways to bring special projects into the home. Not that all the other ones aren't special, but sometimes, I need to see things that I normally wouldn't. My parents-in-law moved to the coast this past October and dropped off a Ton of things from when my husband was little. His Mom saved so much stuff and we had to really go through it. I went through most of it and organized it into piles and then he chose what he wanted to keep. Then I went through and took what I wanted. haha I know it sounds funny but I have plans for it and it will be awesome:) In the midst of papers, tests, arts and crafts, was also some cards from people. I found one from each of his Grandparents and I had also held on to one from my Grandma as well. So here is what I did to see the sentiment on a regular basis. Again, this project was FREE!!

First I had pulled out 4 old white Ikea frames that I had distressed a super long time ago. I dusted them off and kept the craft paper that was already in them from before. This is what they look like.

Next I dug through our hardware supply and found these mini hooks.

Then I twisted them into the frame about half an inch in from the corner.

But....... it cracked the wood of the frame. I personally enjoyed the look because it made it look even more rustic with the distressing I had done prior.

After putting about 12 hooks in all the frames, I tied them together with twine that I had laying around. I did this on all the ends with hooks.

Here is the finished product! I personally love looking at the love of Grandparents for their Grandchildren. Some of these cards are when my husband was little, and the others were given to us as adults. I love this little project and when I walk by it, I always smile:)

Doesn't my Grandma have the most beautiful writing? I just love it and she is so sweet I just had to share her sentiment.