A Fabulous AF-FAIR!


When my sister of missbeevintage.com told me she wanted a vintage style bridal shower, it came of no surprise. She said she wanted it furs and feathers themed. Also no surprise. BUT I knew it needed to be different than her usual vintage self.  So I came up with a 30's old-timey carnival/fair idea. Bailey is typically more of a 50's gal on the regular so the 30's seemed fun for little change.

Like I had said before, I really enjoy the planning process of a themed party. The more pre-planned details you have, the more special it is on the day because people (especially women) really notice those little details and it makes it all worth it. Seeing as it was a bridal shower full of women of the vintage nature, I knew I had to pull out all the stops. So without further ado, lets get to the pics of this Fabulous AF-FAIR.
Kettle Corn, Caramel Corn, Donut Holes, Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwiches, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Lemon and Raspberry Tarts, Veggies and Fruits completed this spread.

No party is complete without Jacek Chocolate Couture!

Here is my personal fave. The Candy Bar! Old Fashioned candy sticks, Cola bottles, Lucky elephant popcorn, Peach rings, Watermelon slices, Sour Soothers, and Ju Jubes. Also, Jumbo Rockets and Love Hearts.

No Carnival party is complete without a Refreshment stand! Here is Bailey's favourite sodas with moustache straws!

Tasty Punch bowl!
I need to take a break and talk about the decorations. My friend Nicole lent me the fabulous awnings. She picked those up at Ikea for her kids playroom and she graciously lent them to me for this event. So happy she did! I think they really made the party! Next, I made a big top for all of us to sit under. It is all fabric of my Grandma's that I had saved. SO glad I did. Also, all her old canning jars were used for the candy bar, her vintage lacey tablecloth and velvet pieces were used on the table.

Finally, I MUST talk about the photo booth! Like usual, it was the hit of the party and a huge shout out goes to my Dad for lending me his camera because my SLR doesn't have the sensor button:( Here is the set up and the props we hung on my vintage Screen that I got from my Uncle Jeff. Feathers and Furs Galore! For the backdrop, I found a ton of cool old vintage posters on google and off I went to staples to get them colour copied for the backdrop. So glad that I did because I feel like it really made it perfect. I also covered both of the mirrors with the posters by the candy bar and seating area.

The Guest of Honour.

Test driving the photo booth.


Ruby gave it a whirl too!

Things got out of hand........
There you have it! It was a fabulous event with tons of fabulous ladies! Thanks to all that helped me with the decor and planning!