We're All Mad Here!

I'm back again!

Well here I am to talk about one of my favourite things that I did this summer. My great friend Nicole's baby shower. This is her third and final child she will be having (or so I am told..... haha jk) so I thought she should have something really special. She never had a great experience at her first baby shower and the second was a open house style. I really wanted this to be extra special so my friend Carlee and I hosted a Mad Hatter tea party here at my place in the back yard.

As many of you know, I start the work for a big party a few weeks in advance so I don't have as much to do on the day. I am usually cleaning and tidying so I wanted the major "pretties" to be done prior to the day. I made a little Pennant with her son's name on it and tried to coordinate it with the colours I knew were in his room so that if she wanted to put it in his room later, she could. I also got a stamp set and made cool "eat me" ,"drink me" and "mmmm" signs for the food and drinks. I got together all the old vintage stuff that my Grandma had given me over the years with a few add ons of plates, candle holders and other things that were borrowed from friends. To top it all off, I painted the roses red!!! I am going to posts the pics now of all that was done for the special day. Enjoy!

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The path leading up to the house.

Front Door Decor!
The special gift of a lady named Pam who helps after you have a baby. Mom's Helping Hands. Whatever it may be, grocery shopping, cleaning, helping with baby and so much more!

The Guest of Honour.

There you have it! A little sneak peek into the fabulous day in August. These pics make me long for summer days back again........aaaahhh sigh


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