Ya Bored?

Need a change but can't afford to spend a butt load?

Well I have an instant update for you! DECALS!

Or as my New Yorker friends say DEE-CALS. Hahaha I have always said DEH-CULS. You hear me M????

Anyways, Continuing on. Awhile back I was feeling bored with a dresser that I got from my mother-in- law and decided to spruce it up! I gave it a quick fresh coat of white and I added an amazing tree decal. I got it at our local HomeSense. That store is my crack! That and Salvation Army of Course:) I did this awhile ago so I don't have any before pics, but here is an after!

Next I was bored and decided to dress up my bathtub in my ensuite. It was cladded in oak and I painted that out but thats for another post. Here is a great decal I got at Benjamin Moore and I decided to lay it out differently then the picture had shown. What do you think?

Here is another I did of Ruby's Dress-up closet/ Puppet stage. I found this tree and butterfly decal at Dollarama for TWO BUCKS!! A pretty sweet idea if I do say so myself. It turned out Quite whimsical which is what I wanted. I also found really bright bubble-type polka dot decals at Winners and put them on the inside of the doors seeing as how it is also a puppet stage. But again, That is for another post!

And finally, the baby's room I had a big part in designing for my friend. She found this fantastic change table/ dresser at Homesense but I thought it needed some "OOMPH" so I found another fantastic tree decal at Dollarama. Again, for only 2 dollars. This one I also kind of repositioned the branches and things so it had a wintery forest look. It's also in a boy's room so it had to look super cool:)
P.S. We also picked up those super cute handles from Homesense as well.

There you have it! A quick update to something you may be bored of. What are you bored of? What would you like to change? Do you think that a decal would work for you?