What is White and Black and Red All Over?

"What?" you say..... "The answer is not a newspaper?"

Nope. Sorry. But it IS my powder room! When we bought this house it needed a lot of cosmetic work. One being that 3 out of the 4 bathrooms had grey fixtures (which I don't entirely mind). This powder room was no exception.  It had a toilet and sink that were very sad looking. For such a small room, it needed to be light and bright! Here's a sassy before pic:)

Apparently, I have no pic of the toilet side of this pint-sized bathroom. Oh well. So I must Mention that this bathroom is only 16 and 1/2 square feet. Somehow this thing is still really efficient. There is a sink and cabinet and toilet in here. The door is a pocket door which is essential for such a tiny spot. As you can see from the above pic there is AWFUL golden oak cabinetry. I am too "cheapola" to buy new so I painted it. 1 coat of primer and 3 coats of semi gloss white paint. Worth it for sure. Ok moving on. In my first project post I had said I'm a lover of graphic print and again, this room was no exception. You can do anything to a room that you love, as long as you don't OVER do it. I decided to go with a white based wallpaper with black flowers on it. I also decided to go only to chair rail height so that it didn't feel like you were getting dizzy being in the room. Here's a couple crappy iPhone progress pics.

As you can see above, my handy-man husband put up a 4 inch trim chair rail for me. I just painted the bottom half white. The great part about this bathroom is we already had the sink and toilet that we were going to use. We got them for the old house we lived in before this one and decided to sell it so we kept them for the new house instead. Our plumber friend gave us the toilet for free because he ordered the wrong one for a client (never used FYI) and the sink cost $15 at Home Depot! It was a massive clearance sale but either way, YIPPEE! The other thing that rocks about my husband is he loves concrete. Ya I know it sounds funny but he has done some beautiful things for our house and a few friends too. In this bathroom he made a concrete counter top in an all one-piece mold and he didn't even polish or grind it. ( apparently that's cool. ha!) He used a dark charcoal pigment and it worked out fantastically. Here's a pic of the sink, countertop and toilet.


The reason I chose red as an accent is because I had painted the painting above the toilet and thought it would be the perfect amount of art for the small space and red was the only pop of colour. I ended up getting a red towel and red floor mat for in front of the sink. The final element I just added the other day was the red leaf tiles. They were white originally and they needed to be more popping for the bathroom so they got a coat of Krylon Red Banner spray paint. Here's a few pics of the mentioned items.

My own work of art!

There you have it. My tiny, very efficient bathroom. The only thing I would change is that the tap is too short and makes you feel like you are going to spill over the side of the sink. That's to be changed when I find the perfect one :)