The Salvation Army Gold Mine.


Many people ask where I find such awesome one-of-a-kind pieces. It is almost always from Salvation Army here in Sherwood Park. They have great prices. Yes I do realize that it would typically have great prices to begin with, but this store is something special. A few years back, one of the managers told me it was one of only 2 "self sorting" stores in the Edmonton and Surrounding area. It basically meant that they got everything dropped off at the store and had to sort it, price it, and get it out the door. Hence, the great, extra low prices. About a year or two ago the antiques and collectables Salvation Army closed down. BOO HISS! The manager from there, came to Sherwood Park and the store became AMAZING! So organized and so many amazing antiques and vintage finds. She really cleaned up the place. Even though the prices went up, (because she knows what she is doing) they are still great and I have good luck every time I venture in there. Just after Christmas I found an arborite and chrome kids table and chairs! Only $20! So awesome but a little worse for wear. I believe they may have sat outside for awhile. The table was in great condition but the vinyl on the chairs was awful. As you can see from the pic below, there are 2 chairs the same and a third that has a slightly different style.

 I chose red vinyl to recover the chairs because her play kitchen is also red. My mom found it at Fabricland for $3! So we got to work. We took off the old vinyl and made sure that we could trace it out close to the size of the chair backs and seat. I happened to have extra thin foam lying around so they got a new set of padding too.

 The Chair backs had a slight curve so it's important to pull the fabric really tight. It's best if you can have a second pair of hands available. Luckily my mom was here to help:) (If you have any space planning queries or are looking for a new design, she is also in Sherwood Park. Please feel free to contact my mom over at Avenue P Design.)
 Continuing on, we found silver furniture tacks and measured them out and spaced evenly. We hammered them in and voila! The seat backs were done!

 So the final step was reattaching the chair back and seat onto the chair frame. Here it is reattached.

So here is an after picture of the set. There is only 2 chairs pictured here. Also, a comparison picture.

There you have it! The cutest little $23 project!