Swinging from the Trees

Hey! What's up?

So I thought I would blog about one of the rooms I am most proud of.  My daughter Ruby's room. The thing about me you must all know, is that when I envision a room, even if it's 3 years later, I do achieve my initial ideas for the room. This was one of those ideas. I was helping a friend pick out paint colours for her house and came across the most beautiful Teal in the Benjamin Moore fan deck. I decided right then and there that this would be in my future child's room in one way or another. (P.S. It also happens to be one of my favourite colours) SO I pretty much decided what I was doing and then about 2 years later, it was a reality.

The room that we had decided to use was the bigger of the two spare rooms upstairs. They both have identical windows. Here is a nasty-ass pick of the room right after we got possession. Mmmm country style. My fave. Ya right.

So first things first, the room was a hack job. It looked awful. The person before us had ripped off a wallpaper border that went around the centre of the room and then painted over it with one coat of awful paint. The gouge in the wall had to be completely re-mudded and sanded. Then primed and painted. Lots of work. After that headache was over, my fabulous husband built a beautiful window bench which also doubled as storage. We all know that storage is ideal with a little one. Here is a progress pic of the walls and bench in the works.

The hubby and I decided that we wouldn't find out what the sex of the baby was so I wanted to make a very cute but neutral nursery. I'm not into the girly princess look anyways, so even if I knew that we were having a girl I wouldn't have chosen any different than I did. My theme was bright, colourful, and kind of woodland forest-like. I chose these fabulous vinyl wall decals off Etsy. I was going to post the link to the great company that I dealt with but their page no longer exists on Etsy. Boo. BUT they have  a website. Hooray! The company is called The Walldecors. Here is a pic after the trees were done.  I just LOVE the little Squirrels! There was a Momma and a Baby one. Since the decals lengths all came in 100 inches long, there was quite a bit of extra tree left over. I took the leftover "stumps" from a couple of the trees and thats what I put the squirrels on. I thought it worked great:)

I have a very sentimental side and I felt that there needed to be a lot of personal touches in the room that  meant something to me and my husband, but also to our mystery baby. The progress photos are pretty much posted now. The rest is going to be pics after it's done and I'll explain little things here and there. If you have any questions on where I got an Item or what I did in the room, PLEASE ask me. I love this stuff. Seriously ask away. SO back to sentiment. My mother in law used to do folk art paintings on little things including bird houses and she had a few left over from years and years ago so she gave them to me to hang in the trees. Here's a few of those.

Aren't they adorb? k, thought I'd try an abbreviated word but ya, not me. Anyhoo, another sentiment is the time my mom and I put in on the curtains for Ruby's window bench/ fort. I really wanted a fun bright graphic print and I think this bright yellow trellace worked well. Actually the whole bench area couldn't have worked out better. The cushion bench was an after thought and it's a little higher than I wanted but the end result was still worth it. We got a custom cushion made with couch quality foam. Best decision we ever made was doing this because the bench is over six feet long and I spent a few nights in there when she was a very wee one. It also was a great place to take her picture and there will be some of those in a future post....... Ok, back to the action. So my mom and I bought the whole bolt of fabric because when you are doing pinch-pleat style curtains, you need double, sometimes triple the fabric you would need if doing a regular panelled curtain. So we were short by a meter. oh well. It is very rare that they are closed. The main reason was for these drapes was for looks anyways. They are not to block out light just for ruby to play in and read books on her bench when she is older. The heat vent is in front of the bench and it gets chilly in the winter if they are closed. Here are a few of that.

Peek a Boo!


The next thing that I thought would really up the "cute factor" is the drawer pulls, knobs and hooks I found at Anthropologie. They have the cutest home accessories and I just had to spend a couple hundred dollars. ha! no I didn't have to but I sure wanted to and did so anyways! Here are a couple pics of the closet door bird and the dresser pulls.

I had mentioned hooks. I got these cute white giraffe hooks as well. I used them for the laundry hamper bag that I also sewed up. I used a pillow case as a template and made it reversible. The handles were extra fabric I had lying around. I used fabrics that were already in the room (i.e. pillows and crib rail cover) to coordinate.

So this final picture is something that I added to the room when she was about 10 months old. It was when she started crawling and got into everything. You moms know what I mean. Ev-er-y-thing. I wanted a way to keep the special things out for her to see,  just not touch. I found great picture frame shelf at our local Ikea. Actually I bought 3. 1 short and 2 longer ones. My husband had to cut one of the shelves an inch shorter and it fit perfect!

Hope You have a Fabulous Day!