Thursday Must Knows: Nicole from Sweet {Jolie}


Sorry guys. Legit forgot about Monday. In my defence it was a holiday, I also may have pushed myself to hard at the gym and all my blood left my brain and it currently making lactic acid in my triceps. I've gone full dinosaur.

So last week, I finally FINALLY went to Sweet {Jolie} boutique and met Owner/CEO/boss babe Nicole. 

She's basically a magical peacock of wonderful. I have never met someone who I was like "whoa, she's basically a bad ass." I asked her to answer our crazy questions, and she delivered for me so quick! Best ever! Thanks Nicole!!


I started Sweet {Jolie} 6 years ago after having my 2nd daughter and realizing that I had to start being kinder to myself and give myself more grace. I was raising girls and had to be a good role mdoel for self-love and acceptance. Sweet {jolie} started with just jewelry, grew into accessories, and now we carry everything from head-to-toe! 

I was tired of frustrating sizes and unattainable images pushed out by other fashion brands, so I built Sweet {Jolie} from the ground up, by tirelessly building an empowering online community of women.

1) Personal Record of days of dry shampoo? 14 (that seems embarassing....)

2) Personal Record of shows watched in one sitting? 8 (not as embarassing as #1) 

3) Longest time between grocery trips? 4 days

4) Favourite story your spouse/partner tells about you at parties? We met Jennifer Love Hewitt years ago when she was dating Jamie Kennedy. My husband ADORES her and was too nervous to talk to her so I opened up the conversation by letting her know that Ken was hung like a horse. Good ice breaker!! (editors note: I legit laughed out loud at this! I'm not gonna lie, I'm so intrigued how this conversation went down...)

5) What food do you effing hate? Like if someone fed it to you, you would spit it out on your kid? (obviously we are joking, please do not spit on your children.) I love ALLLLL THE FOOD, but if I had to pick one thing that I couldn't handle, it would be Blue Cheese


Thank you so so so much Nicole. Make sure you guys check out her stuff. It's soft, cozy, flattering, and oh so beautiful.

Until next time!

xoxo Gossip Girl...

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