NEW PRODUCT! The Memory Game Vol.2

Hey y'all! I am so pumped to announce the launch of my completely redesigned memory game. I am so happy with how this set turned out thanks to my amazing pal Amanda over at Engraveable Designs knocked it outta the park yet again for me. Bringing my idea to life seems to be her specialty. Please go check her stuff here.

This time around I designed a geometric animal design on acrylic. It consists of 8 animals and colours. Still in the same muslin bag for easy carrying. I just love it. AND it's totally waterproof! If your kids really wanted to, they can take it in the tub! 

Isn't it awesome?! I am so proud of this new product!  They are now available in the shop click here to purchase! Here's the little video that I made for fun! 

I hope you enjoy!