Monday Must Haves - 5 Things That Rocked My Boat - September Edition

Whoa! September Flew by! It's time to talk about what blew my hair back, rocked my boat, and boiled my potato last month!

These post might become a regular, let me know what you think and if you want to know more of what I loved (and maybe what I didn't?) 

This housecoat was an anniversary gift from the hubs. (Thanks babe!) It's soooo plushy, and sooo soft, and so much of everything I want. I love it so much and the price is totally right!


A Handmaids Tale. While wearing my fluffy housecoat, buried in my bed, I started watching this show. I haven't read the book (but it's on my Kindle list!). Its so seriously messed up y'all. It's so good. The acting is amazing. Elisabeth Moss has been my gal since Peggy from Mad Men. The husband hates this show, he says its depressing (which isn't a lie...) but its so good. If you haven't watched it, I suggest you check it out. I haven't finished the series yet, so no spoilers please!

handmaids tale.jpg

As much as I love The Colombian in Edmonton, I'm that woman in Sherwood Park who doesn't like to venture into the city all that often. One night at the Baseline Farmers Market here, I discovered roasti coffee. I prefer the Brazil Yellow Bourbon since I'm a black coffee drinker. It has a delicious flavour and smell. It totally perks me up in the morning. 


So, if you know me on a personal level you know I'm kinda a nerd. I love the Simpsons. There's an episode about having a smart house, The Ultrahouse 3000 (voiced by Pierce Brosnan). Anyways, my husband and I have debated doing the smart home thing (but maybe less murdery than The Ultrahouse 3000), so we decided to install Phillips Hue lightbulbs and the bridge in our house. There are so many perks to having these lights. The Home app on my iPhone allows me to tell Siri to turn on my lights and she turns them on! It's technology! It's fun! It's programmable! It likely won't kill you! 


Fall and sweater Weather! GUYS! It's fall. I mean, I love a good summer, but I also am super basic and love fluffy sweaters, ankle boots, and blanket scarves. It's sweater weather y'all! I don't care where you get yo sweaters, but get em! Soon it will be parka weather. 

That's all for today! Thanks for reading!

xoxo Gossip wait,