Monday Must-Haves!

Welcome back for more Monday Musts! 

Today, I'm going to talk about stuff I like on the internet. I do other things other than just peruse amazon prime. ...sometimes.

I am a HUGE youtube fan. Ask my husband who will walk in on me in a youtube spiral of makeup tutorials. 

I never wear makeup. 

Good lord, that's awful giant like.    

Good lord, that's awful giant like. 


Anyway, when I do put makeup on, I can clean up pretty decently. 

See? Everything I know about makeup, including how to put it on your face comes from Miss Laura Lee on youtube. She's cute and funny, and can apply a mean beat (that's makeup lingo for your makeup). So for the times I do wear the makeups, I learned my stuff from youtube. 

There are obviously a million other people on youtube that do makeup and I could take up pages of this blog doing a post on them, but there are other people to talk about. 

Shoutout to my hubs who introduced me to Binging with Babish. He recreates food from popular movies and TV. His It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia video is one of my faves. 

And of course for a solid giggle, this video always kills me. EVERY TIME. 

Other faves on youtube are always any of Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battles, conspiracy theory stuff (because I have NO LIFE), and this guy.  Finally, Ruby's favourite video series is this. If you can get through to the end, it's incredible.


Gossip wait,