Baking With Your Kids

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Baking with kids!

Ingredient List:

  1. Baking items of your choice
  2. Patience
  3. Mop/Broom
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I love to bake. And I love to not include my kid because it takes so much longer and makes double or triple the mess I would make if I was unattended, however, since she got herself a handy learning tower (more on this later) she has decided that whatever I’m doing at the counter, she's also doing at the counter.


I honestly love cooking with my kid. Her genuine interest in what I’m doing is awesome. I’m glad that one day when she's old enough, I can get her to cook. She understands we don’t touch or lean over the stove, she understands how to hold a knife (plastic of course) and she also understands the importance of dishes after we cook or bake anything. 


I have been baking with my kid since she was like a 4 week-old. Ok, she slept in a swing while I made pie at thanksgiving. But I like to think it instilled a love of baking in her.

She now helps me measure and level, she does all the pouring and she turns on the mixer. 

Every ‘major’ holiday, we usually get together with our cousins for a serious morning of cookie decorating. I use the same sugar cookie recipe which is super easy and doubles like a dream. It’s from a kids cookbook by Company’s Coming. I’ve been using this recipe for probably 23 years. No joke

After I make the cookies, the real fun begins. Candy and sprinkles and icing, OH MY! 

I put all my icing inside of squeeze bottles I picked up from the dollarstore. They are obviously easier to handle than a piping bag for learning hands. Sprinkles get put into spice shakers and bigger candies get their own bowls obviously. 

cookie baking an decorating. Edmonton, Sherwood park,

Now, don’t go into this expecting your place to look spotless after. Don’t vacuum in preparation for this. Trust me. There will be a mess when you’re done. There will be kids hopped up on the sugars when you’re done. But the cookies they made will all be perfect in their own way. 

cookie decorating with kids Edmonton
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I’ve also found the easiest clean up is a cheap table cloth from the dollar store you can just roll up and throw away. It’s also easier then trying to clean up globs of icing off your table…trust me.

If you would like a similar recipe to the one I use I suggest this one here

Thanks to Kelly of Fiddle Leaf Photography and Lindsay of Lindsay Mills Photography for the images.


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