New Product - The Hanging Hamper is here!

So it all started about 6 years ago. I was designing and planning out my first daughter Ruby's room. I wanted a fun bright space without a bunch of floor space being eaten up. I knew that a TON of laundry would be in my future so I wanted something cute, minimal, easy to throw in the wash and out of the way. Henceforth, the first hanging hamper!


Now over the years it has really stood the test of time. It has been so awesome to have it hang on the wall and just hold what it supposed to. LAUNDRY. So fast forward to now and I wanted a cool looking one for my shop and the washing machine is where the dirty clothes go so I put it on the front!  It is made of 100% natural cotton with a matte vinyl that I designed and Carla with She Cuts Vinyl brought to life! The best part is that you can hang it from the hooks in my shop! If you order a hamper and two hooks, you can get the second hook for 50% OFF! just apply the code 2HOOKS. 


P.S.     I am so excited about these because they are the first of many cool new textile products I hope to bring in. There are only a handful of the hampers left so click HERE!