Monday Must Knows - The River City Sisters

Here we are with another edition of Monday Must Knows! Goodness knows Lindz and I like a good sister act so today we get to chat about a couple ladies who some of you may or may not know.

Richelle and Mackenzie of The River City Sisters. These beautiful ladies are certainly sister goals. God knows they probably didn't slap each other in the face growing up... (looking at you Lindsay...)

I wanted to know where they came up with the idea of their blog and ask them a few extra questions!

How did you come up with your blog?

We dreamed up the idea for River City Sisters when MacKenzie was debating a career change. Over a glass of wine, I (Richelle) convinced her we should try to do something together that wasn't as drastic as quitting a job and going back to university! And our beloved Lifestyle Blog was born!




1) Personal Record of days of dry shampoo? 

Richelle: 6.. Can you say #momlife Please don't judge me! I think this was when my son was first born. But I have to admit this has happened a few times since! 

Mackenzie: 3. Though she be insanely busy in the OR and with a VERY energetic Fur Baby, the child free sister is able to make regular shampoo dates more of a priority!


2) Personal Record of shows watched in one sitting? (how many hours? What show?) 

R: I've only ever watched 2 shows in one sitting- of OUTLANDER.  I know, it's Rather unimpressive. I blame ADHD and lack of SLEEP, even the gorgeous Jamie Fraser can only keep me up past my bedtime for so long! 

M: There was one day I was trying to transition from Nightshifts to Dayshifts I watched an ENTIRE season of Forensic Files on Netflix.. I'm just a the slightest bit obsessed with True Crime! (Richelle is too, but she's not quite on my level!)


3) Longest time between grocery trips?

R: 3 days. That is Reeallly pushing it! Everyone always jokes grocery shopping is my favorite past time! But regardless of how organized I am, I inevitably forget something, or the Boys eat a lot of something unexpected, or I come up with a new recipe I want to make and need one little thing, so I have to return. NAT mad about it! 

M: I think I once went about a week. That hasn't happened in a while though- helllooo online grocery shopping!


4) Favourite story your spouse/partner tells about you at parties? 

R: Oh gosh. This is hard. We don't go to parties anymore because we are old! But, on the rare occurrence It's usually us telling stories about our Husbands! R: I always tell the story about how it took my husband 5 dates before he kissed me. I thought he was friend- zoning me for sure!  

M: I always tell people about how we went to High School together and I had a huge crush on him and he didn't have a clue! He vehemently denies this, of course!

Canihasview? (I've picked something up from Richelles place, and it is gorgeous!)

Canihasview? (I've picked something up from Richelles place, and it is gorgeous!)


5) What food do you effing hate? Like if someone fed it to you, you would spit it out on your kid?(Obviously we are joking, please do not spit on your children)  

R: I am actually picky AF!!! So this is tough for me! I hate lots of things! My top ones would be mushrooms, mole sauce, eggplant and cooked chunks of tomatoes (tomato sauce however is fine.. I know, I'm weird). As much as I hate those things, I probably would spit in the garbage over spitting on my child.. but it would DEFINITELY get spit out! 

M: As a kid, any kind of Seafood was strictly off limits for me! But Now, as an adult, I like to think my palette is much more refined.. I'll pretty much eat anything!


Thank you so much ladies! You guys know how to keep it real! Stay tuned for the next edition of Monday Must knows!

until next time!

xoxo...Gossip Girl


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