Monday Must Haves - Self Care

Its Monday and I'm still coming off a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas, and obviously it's time to recover from my vacation. 

The reason the hubs and I booked a last minute trip to Las Vegas was because we suffered a pregnancy loss and subsequent surgery on my end. If you follow myself, or Lindsay on instagram, you probably would have seen something along those lines. I'm finally feeling more like myself, but man, abdominal surgery ain't no joke y'all! 

Self care is always something that I've been a fan of. Call me narcissistic, but feeling good about ME makes me a better wife, mother, and all around general person. So yeah, you do you boo boo! I'm going to list a few things below that I do to make myself feel like a million bucks, after all, you cannot pour from an empty cup. To all you mommies and daddies, take care of you!


I've been seeing Jen from Inner Essence Wellness here in Sherwood Park for almost a year. I originally went in at the urging of my mother, and my sister (both of who see her!) because my back hurt. I compete in powerlifting (more on this later) and managed to hurt myself. I was told to not do anything that caused me pain, which basically was all my workouts. Jen fixed me up in seriously 2 sessions. She's amazing, and beautiful, and I love her. Also: acupuncture naps are crazy and everyone needs to have one. She's also the 2nd runner up in Hue Weekly's Best of for 2017! Congratulations Jen!!

Working Out

Ok, people hear this all the time. I get it. 

legally blond.jpg

But really, an hour in the gym, doing WHATEVER YOU WANT, a class, yoga, weights, zumba (a personal fave around here) will make you happier. It's just science people. I started working out as a way to combat some PPD and in that, I found a supportive and welcoming group of people. I managed to lose 25lbs and make some serious gains when it comes to lifting. There is nothing as satisfying as knowing I can lift more than the average lady. I still have a long way to go in the world of powerlifting but man, this group of people are amazing. There is no bad blood, everyone cheers for everyone. It's awesome. 

I workout at Goodlife Fitness in Sherwood Park. You don't even need a dang gym! Outside works just as well, get that Vitamin D!


Ok, so I'm a lucky gal and my sis is my hair person. Granted I get my hair done like, once every six months, but seriously, she's the best. I'm lucky that she does my mop of hair for me. THANKS SIS!

Nails! Gah, I love my nails. I can seriously look like a bag of trash but if my nails are done nice I feel slightly less trashy. From lifting heavy weights at the gym the underside of my hand is all calloused and gross (sorry if you've ever had to shake my hand) so at least one side looks put together. I love the ladies at Nailed Beauty Bar here in the park. They always seem to have the best colours, and the know how to do all the cool shit you see on instagram. They are by appointment only so make sure to call or text before you pop in! 

This is actually a shot of my giant fake ring and my tattoo, but you can see my nails. I always get so many compliments on them! 

This is actually a shot of my giant fake ring and my tattoo, but you can see my nails. I always get so many compliments on them! 


Waxing has been a part of my life since I was in like junior high and had to get a handle on my eyebrow. Yes, singular. My sister got my mom's brows which require one tweeze and they're done, whereas I require hot wax and time every few weeks to manage this burly-ness I possess. I've been seeing Pam at the PAMpering Place for years now. She did my high school grad nails....I graduated in 2004. Pam is by far the most thorough aesthetician I have seen. She waxes a mean Brazilian wax. She has super reasonable pricing. Check her out on Facebook! Book an appointment and tell her I sent ya! She's here in Sherwood Park!

At the end of the day, you do you! If you want to read a book in a bathtub, or go dancing at a club. GO DO IT! I know hiring babysitters, or finding child care can be daunting and expensive, but seriously, take care of you. Always remember you are number 1. 


Gossip Girl....No wait...

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